The Scope and Power of the Training: A Scenario

In an environment of love, discovery, and adventure we inspire and empower youth to achieve excellence.

The LIFE Family Trainings and Adventures methodology includes interweaving training throughout the family vacation experiences. Principles and processes are taught in a variety of settings, but it is on the trails and in the water that those lessons are put to the real test and where the light bulbs tend to come on for the family, creating a series of what we call “ah-hah, I get it now” moments.

Shortly after arriving at Sherwood Shores for their adventure and training experience the Richards family members accept a number of assignments for which they will be ultimately responsible.

ATVJason, a 14-year boy, has been selected as the family liaison for the ATV Safari, one of the activities the family has chosen to participate in during their vacation. Jason will work with a LIFE staff member to plan, prepare, and lead the Safari. Jason is not quite sure about all this. He is a world-class video game player and can find his way around any mall in America, but he has never actually had to plan and carry out a major activity like this where others are counting on him.

The Safari is scheduled to take place in two days and there is much to do. Jason will be participating in other vacation and training activities, but will also make time to meet with the staff member to discuss the planning for the Safari and to prepare a checklist of what needs to happen to prepare and execute a safe, fun, and successful event.

MapJason and the staff member will go over maps, discussing various routes that might be chosen according to family objectives and skill level. They discuss supplies and resources that will need to be arranged for. Jason regularly communicates progress to his family and solicits their feedback so he can represent them to the staff.

During these two days of Safari preparation Jason is also participating in training and activities designed to teach principles such as Accountability, Communication, and Leadership. Jason and the staff member will consciously use these newly learned skills as they work on the important Safari project. The staff member will reinforce the training with appropriate mentoring and evaluation.

ATV TrainingJason will work with the staff in preparing the equipment, making sure it is safe and ready to roll. He will participate in a safety training program, and then help lead that same safety program for the rest of his family.

During the Safari Jason will be the leader with the staff liaison serving as his advisor and first lieutenant. It will be up to Jason to help create an environment in which everyone is safe and has an absolutely fabulous adventure. The choices and challenges encountered leading up to and during the Safari will provide powerful teaching/learning opportunities for Jason and the other family members. They will begin to see connections between this experience and the opportunities and challenges they face at home and the way they have dealt with those in the past, and how they choose to deal with them in the future.

Above all, a proud Jason will lead the family safely home, understanding that already he is a different young man than he was two days before. He will be able to say, "I understand what accountability and leadership are, and I can overcome anything in my way!"

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