Activities and Processes of LIFE Family Training

In an environment of love, discovery, and adventure we inspire and empower families to achieve excellence.

A Vacation or a Training?

For about the same price of other so-called "all inclusive" vacations we offer a superb 6-7 day vacation experience and a challenging and effective training program that will take your family to new heights of love and effectiveness. Take a look:

Youth hiking activity

Some of the activity choices for your family vacation/retreat include (click here for more detail about available activities):

  • Power boat activities including water skiing, wake boarding, and tubing
  • Wave Runners
  • ATV Safaris
  • Horseback expeditions
  • Winter Snowmobiling on some of the finest trails in the country
  • Canoes, kayaks, paddlewheel boats, and rafts
  • Spin-cast and Fly Fishing on world-class waters (instruction and loaner equipment available. Professional guide service available for an additional fee)
  • Winter Ice fishing
  • Cross Country skiing, Snowshoeing, and Sledding
  • Rock climbing and Rappelling
  • Hiking and world-class Rock Hounding
  • Ropes course activities
  • Evening Luaus, Chuck Wagon Dinners, Campfire Programs, etc.
  • Professionally led Biofeedback sessions
  • Relaxation and Meditation training
  • Innovative and personalized elective training sessions on topics such as nutrition, organization, sensible time management, music and art appreciation, parenting skills, etc.

(Some activities are seasonal and/or dependent on conditions and retreat property chosen)

Sounds great, huh? But here's the secret: All these cool, exciting activities that kids and their parents just eat up exist as an integral part of the Family Training. The way the activities are structured and carried out map back to the training principles being taught, and give each family member the opportunity to fully experience the training, putting the principles to work in a hands-on way that is impossible in a classroom.

Training cabin

Yes, there are traditional teaching moments as we present and discuss principles and practices tailor made to fit your family's needs. There will be time for the family to learn new skills and to look to the future, setting exciting goals and expectations. But we find that when, for example, a 14 year old kid steps up and, with appropriate staff support, takes the lead in planning and carrying out a safe and fun ATV safari, he can then say, "I get it now!" and truly mean that he understands principles like Leadership, Accountability, Communication, and Commitment like he never has before (Click here to see a scenario of 14-year old Jason)

Join us for your next family vacation and experience the LIFE Trainings and Adventures Difference!