Family in a sunset

In an environment of love, discovery, and adventure we inspire and empower families to achieve excellence.

For years families have been coming to our beautiful cabin retreats to rest, reenergize, and renew themselves, returning home with not only the memories of a unique and exciting vacation experience, but with their families occupying an entirely new space of purpose, commitment, and unity.

Families experiencing a LIFE Family Training Adventure often report:

  • A more powerful commitment to the family and each member
  • An accurate vision of who they really are and of their infinite worth
  • Clarity in defining their purpose as individuals and as a family
  • A sense of control over their lives and the ability to focus with energy and optimism on the future
  • An increased capacity to solve problems and break down barriers that might be holding the family back
  • An enhanced confidence in self and the family
  • A deep sense of well-being

LIFE is dedicated to providing your family with the training, support, tools, and resources to help set your direction and make the course corrections that will result in a stronger, happier family, a Family of Excellence. We use a completely unique and highly effective process to achieve this objective, one that will fully involve and thrill every member of your family.

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