LIFE Trainings and Adventures Activities

In an atmosphere of love, discovery, and adventure we inspire and empower Families, Couples, and Youth to become Excellent!

At the core of all LIFE Trainings and Adventures are found two absolutely consistent philosophies and practices:

  1. Our trainings are based on rock solid principles that, when effectively adhered to, always lead to lives of greater meaning and excellence.
  2. Training principles are best learned through a combination of teaching/learning experiences, including internalizing of principles in real-life situations and activities.

It is our experience that families love to choose from all kinds of activities and adventures and, as they map the dynamics and results of the activities back to their training, the family and its members will have many experiences of "Ah hah! Now we get it!" Our two facilities are in some of the premier vacation and recreation areas in the West and offer a wealth of exciting (and leisurely) activities.

Some of the activities you will choose from during your Family, Youth, or Couples Trainings include:


Power boat activities
Strap on some water skis or a wakeboard and get ready for the ride of your life. Or you and a few of your closest friends climb on the giant tube and see who can hang on the longest!


Wave Runners
Some people enjoy these watercraft as a way to do some fun sightseeing around the lake. Others want to experience the thrill of what it feels like to ride a rocket on water. Either way, a ton of fun is in store!

ATV Safaries

ATV Safaris
Our cabin facilities are in some of the most beautiful areas on earth. Explore desert canyons, mountain trails, and the famous Little Sahara Sand Dunes on our four-wheel All-Terrain-Vehicles and get up close and personal with nature and adventure!

Horseback Expeditions

Horseback Expeditions
This is still what defines adventure in the West: wide open spaces and riding a good horse straight on to fun and discovery!


Winter Snowmobiling
Our Scofield, Utah cabin sits smack dab on some of the finest snowmobile trails in the country, including the famous Skyline Trail. Experience the pristine perfection of winter in the Wasatch Mountains astride one of our top-of-the-line snowmobiles!

Geocaching Treasure Hunt

Geocaching Treasure Hunt (Included in every Family and Youth Adventure)
This exciting activity, intertwined with every Family and Youth Training and Adventure, will call for the best your family or team has to offer as you combine your mental and physical skills, and call on modern and ancient technologies (from the latest in GPS devices to compass and maps) to discover a series of clues and prizes leading to the ultimate treasure that is your objective. You might find a clue under your own bed one day while the next clue the following day might not reveal itself until you brave the obstacles of Marjum Pass and the Hermit's Cave in the saddle of an ATV. This is the ultimate treasure hunt!

Paddle boat

Canoes, kayaks, paddlewheel boats, and rafts
Whether just looking for a lazy moonlight paddle, an exploring adventure, or a race to Treasure Island we have the muscle-powered crafts that will get you there in style!

Mountain biking

Mountain Biking
We are right in the middle of some of the best desert and mountain trail biking in the country. Don't be surprised to get acquainted with deer, elk, moose, antelope, eagles and a hundred other animal species!

Wildlife Viewing and Photography

Wildlife Viewing and Photography
Utah is home to some of the most exciting wildlife in the country. Encounters with dozens of varieties of birds, as well as deer, elk, antelope, foxes, badgers and many other species are common. Our guests also often come upon moose, wild horses, desert bighorn sheep, bison, and other rare critters. So pack your camera or binoculars and come prepared to get up close and personal with Mother Nature!

Fly Fishing

Spin-cast and Fly Fishing
Our mountain cabin at Scofield, Utah is less than a half mile from Scofield Reservoir, one of the finest fisheries in Utah. Just a few miles away are blue ribbon trout streams including the Price River, Fish Creek, and Huntington Creek. And we know the holes!

Winter Ice fishing

Winter Ice Fishing
A whole new way to experience fishing. Scofield Reservoir is recognized as perhaps the best winter fishery in the state.

Cross-country skiing

Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, and Sledding
Around here we don't hibernate. Dive into winter and experience the peace and tranquility of a mountain snowshoe trek or the heart-in-your-throat thrill of sledding down a steep mountain pitch!

Rock climbing

Rock Climbing and Rappelling
Our certified instructors will keep you safe as you test yourself and learn lessons about courage and teamwork that are best taught on a rock cliff.


We boast miles of desert and mountain trails through classic western landscapes. The never-ending panoramas of mountains, desert, wild flowers, and animal life will continually delight the senses and bring a sense of peace to your soul as nothing else can. Or if you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can explore one of the many caves in the area or hike miles of underground lava tubes from ancient volcanos.

World-Class Rock Hounding and Fossil Hunting

World-Class Rock Hounding and Fossil Hunting
Our cabin in Delta, Utah is at the center of one of the most geologically fascinating areas on the planet. It seems like half the rocks in the Smithsonian Museum come from Delta! Feel the thrill of the hunt just as the miners of the 1800's felt as you search for topaz, desert sunstone, apache teardrops, red beryl, geodes, and other valuable finds. Then peel away millions of years of time as you discover the Trilobite Beds and the wonders of Fossil Mountain!

Ropes and Challenge Course Activities
Test yourself as you cross the Acid River, make it to Shark Island, and figure out how to reach the riches of Treasure Island. These challenges will call for the best you have and will teach you and your family the real meaning of teamwork and commitment. And you will have a blast doing them!


Evening Luaus, Chuck Wagon Dinners, Campfire Programs, etc.
Sing along with a ukulele one night, a guitar the next. Learn to hula one evening, look forward to square dancing the next. Feel your spirit soar as you experience the evening Vesper Trail, and laugh and shiver during funny and spooky campfire stories as part of your campfire programs.

Some activities are seasonal and/or dependent on conditions and retreat property chosen. Age restrictions apply to certain activities. Child care is available during certain activities.