Meet LIFE's Main Trainers and Facilitators

In an environment of love, discovery, and adventure we inspire and empower couples to achieve excellence.

Meet the LIFE Couples Trainers and Facilitators

Gerry and Margo Dye have been happily married for thirty years and have been working with couples and families for over ten years through classes, seminars, coaching, and their successful LIFE Family Trainings and Adventures and LIFE Marriage Trainings and Retreats programs.

Gerry Dye comes from a professional background of development and delivery of world-class training and education programs. He spent much of his career providing personal, professional, and technical training to the corporate world, and has provided educational programs on five continents and in more than 45 countries around the world. Gerry came to realize early in his career that training programs that offered hands-on and experiential learning opportunities and significant personal attention from the trainers were far more successful in achieving the student's objectives than the more prevalent seminar or classroom programs.

Having provided principle and skills based training to families, couples, and youth as an avocation for many years, he brought the experiential and trainer-working-closely-with-student philosophy with him when he later devoted his career entirely to the development and delivery of family and marriage programs.

Margo Dye has been a professional nurse for more than 25 years, with her focus being in the field of mental health care and behavioral treatment programs in clinical and hospital settings. Margo's professional interest has included treatment of mental, emotional, and physical maladies through the use of fewer drugs and medications with greater emphasis on a holistic approach. This led her to become one of the early adopters of biofeedback as a treatment tool, and her own development of relaxation techniques to help patients speed their recovery.

Gerry and Margo have combined their professional skills and experience, creating and delivering what are perhaps the most innovative and successful Marriage and Family programs available. They have brought exciting and proven experiential training techniques to the field, and have pioneered the use of relaxationn as a highly effective tool in assisting couples and families to reconnect in meaningful ways.

These innovations, combined with LIFE's Commitment to providing focused one-on-one coaching to every couple and family, create an atmosphere at their Training Retreat's where trust can grow, healing can occur, and communication can flourish. Couples and families willing to add their own commitment to this beautiful process will find their marriage going to the higher and happier ground that they desire and deserve.

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